Tuesday, 1 May 2012


This is my school friends…
Turka, Me, Kerbasri & Pesumathi

My trip to Alor Setar in 2010

This picture was taken at Lee Huat Garden in Alor Setar.

Me,Kerbasri,Miss Cheah,Amelia

This is my best friend and my English teacher... 
Gayathree & Mdm Suzihana

Families & Friends

My Lovely Father

Name: S. Krishna
Age: 53
Job: Bus Driver
A wonderful and lovely father although he strict.

My Sweet Mother

Name: P. Alameloo
Age: 49
Job: Housewife
My mother is my life because she will help me in all my problems.

My Beloved Sister

Name: K. Shalini
Age: 19
Studying for Bachelor in Education (TESL) in UTAR
Talkative and love shopping

My Second Sister

Name: K. Manashaa Dhevi
Age: 17
Studying in form 5
Naughty and talkative

My Handsome Brother

Name: K. Jothir Prakash
Age: 13
He is handicapped
I love him very much.



My Engagement Rings

      This is my engagement rings that will bought by my future husband.
      My engagement ring is a gold ring with white stone.


         This is my wedding card which is purple or maroon in color.


This is my heena design in my hand for my dream wedding. Red is a colour of auspiciousness, of good omen. The mehendi is the traditional Hindu colour of auspiciousness, joy and celebration. It evokes a world of beauty, leisure and sensuous womanhood. It exudes tenderness, softness and a mystery as mysterious as the heart of a woman. It is of the finishing touches to the bride’s shringar on her wedding day and for maidens and married women alike on festive occasions.


My wedding saree which is red mixed with white stone.


Jewellery for my wedding saree…..

My Future Husband's Attire 

My future husband will wore this attire on our wedding. This attire is called “dhoti kurta”.

Indian Wedding Thali

Mangalsutra (Mangala sutra, Mangalasutra or Thaali) is a symbol of Hindu marriage union in South Asia. It is a sacred thread of love and goodwill worn by women as a symbol of their marriage. Traditionally the mangalsutra is considered the most revered token of love and respect offered to the bride during the marriage ceremony.

Bridal Hair Ornaments

This is one of the example bridal hair ornaments that usually done by the bridal stylist. It decorated with the flowers and other accessories. 

Our Wedding Ceremony Place

This is the seat for guests and the bridal bed for the wedding. It 

was in maroon with gold color. It fully decorated by using 


My Wedding Dinner

My Wedding Dinner Dress

My wedding dinner dress was in red with white in color.

My Husband’s Wedding Dinner Attire

This is my future husband’s attire that he wore on our wedding dinner. It 

is black colour coat with white colour shirt inside.


This is my wedding dinner cake. This cake was decorated with red strawberries around the cake...
So delicious....YUMMY!!!!!!

My Wedding Dinner Bridal Bed

This is the seat for bride and groom in my wedding dinner. It was

 red and silver in color.

I hope this dream will come true in my life!!!