Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Families & Friends

My Lovely Father

Name: S. Krishna
Age: 53
Job: Bus Driver
A wonderful and lovely father although he strict.

My Sweet Mother

Name: P. Alameloo
Age: 49
Job: Housewife
My mother is my life because she will help me in all my problems.

My Beloved Sister

Name: K. Shalini
Age: 19
Studying for Bachelor in Education (TESL) in UTAR
Talkative and love shopping

My Second Sister

Name: K. Manashaa Dhevi
Age: 17
Studying in form 5
Naughty and talkative

My Handsome Brother

Name: K. Jothir Prakash
Age: 13
He is handicapped
I love him very much.

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